Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturing & Engineering

How do partners incorporate RimRiser into their standard products?

We use a 4-step process for a precaster or foundry. Step 1. Sign agreement. Our agreement covers terms of use and product licensing. Step 2. Modify molds or patterns. Our engineers and technicians work with your team to modify your patterns. Step 3. Order parts. Order your RimRiser screws and nuts to go with your modified product. Step 4. Deliver product. Our team works with you to make sure you have the parts you need when and where you need them.

What does it take to modify my foundry pattern?

Our engineering team will help you modify your patterns.

What precast concrete mold companies are you working with?

We've been working with Marks Metals. If you would like to work together, please contact us. We're happy to work with your preferred mold manufacturer.

Where are the parts manufactured?

All of our parts are made in the USA with various partners across the country.

Is the precast concrete mold change permanent?

No, just plug the hole to use your mold as usual. Some precasters use plugs, some fill holes with silicone for easy removal. If using silicone, the former will drive the silcone out of the hole.

What foundries are currently manufacturing RimRiser products?

D&L Foundry (Moses Lake, WA) US Foundry (Medley, FL)

What precast concrete manufacturers are currently manufacturing products?

Columbia Precast Products (Woodland, WA) Rogue Valley Precast (White City, OR) Wilbert Precast (Yakima, WA)

What about the stress concentration from the screws on the precast concrete?

Like shims, RimRiser screws are intended to adjust the unit to grade and temporarily support it until grout or cementitious material is placed to complete the installation. Stress concentrations from a point load will occur in both methods if left un-grouted.

Sales & Service

Can you demonstrate cost savings?


What's the cost to modify precast concrete forms with RimRiser pocket formers?

Typically, it costs $400 for a set of 4 reusable formers and 3-4 hours or labor to make the modifications (drill holes and weld on nuts). RimRiser provides technical and hands on support.

How much labor time savings does this solution provide?

Based on field testing, RimRiser has demonstrated installation is 10X faster than the average or traditional install.

What's the lead time for parts?

You can receive product in 10 days or less.

What is the product warranty?

We warranty the product to be free of defects when used in accordance with instructions (this is detailed in the Purchase and License Agreement).

What makes you different from your competitors?

• RimRiser makes metal castings and precast tops safer, simpler, and faster to install. • RimRiser products are installed using standard tools. • Contractors love the product. • Municipalities and DOTs are excited about RimRiser and have added it to their Qualified Products Lists (QPLs) and standard details. • Maintenance crews prefer RimRiser for their repairs and new installs. • Municipalities are now specifying RimRiser.

Where is RimRiser approved for use?

We are working with state DOTs and municipalties to make sure you have the required approvals to use RimRiser on your projects. Please check out our How to Buy page. Please check our Municipality Approvals and State Approvals pages to see our current list. If you don't see your state or municipality of interest, please call us at (360) 833-2277 or send us your request via our contact form here.


How do I install RimRiser-ready products?

Please see our installation guides for precast concrete and municipal cast iron here.

What do you do with the screws after you have adjusted a casting or precast top to grade?

Grout around the screws as you would with traditional shims. See our install guides.

What if the screws are too long?

Once grout/mortar has set, check dimension from top of screw to top of ring/grate rim. If top of screw is within 1” of ring/frame rim, cut screw flush with top of slot nut, leaving cut-off screw and slot nut in place. Please keep in mind, RimRiser jack screws for municipal castings come in 3” or 4” lengths. Also, check out our install guides.

What about the remaining holes in precast concrete tops once the adjustment is completed?

Holes should be plugged or filled with grout