RimRiser manhole ring

The RimRiser™ Story

With more than thirty years of experience as a contractor, developer, and craftsman, CEO Aaron Barr knew there had to be a better way to set municipal cast iron frames & rings and precast concrete tops & lids to finished grade. Today’s civil infrastructure needs a simple, fast, and accurate solution. Aaron has worked to perfect the RimRiser technology with a highly skilled team. He is passionate about efficiency-driven design and is committed to the success of all stakeholders in the construction process.

RimRiser is revolutionizing the way grade-level infrastructure is installed across the nation. Our solution is designed to easily upgrade standard precast concrete and municipal cast iron products. RimRiser's superior installation solution replaces the century-old methods still used today.

Key Team Members

315 N Grand Blvd, Suite 100

Vancouver, WA 98661

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