For nearly a century, the installation of underground fixtures such as storm drains and manholes has been inefficient and cumbersome.

RimRiser™ is the only adjustable civil infrastructure solution that makes installation so simple and safe, you’ll never do it the old way again. You can now achieve the perfect install in a fraction of the time and cost.

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So simple, you'll never do it the old way again.


Install surface-level infrastructure 10X faster.


Accurately set cast iron frames and precast tops.

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What Users Are Saying:

rimriser screws

"We like the [precast concrete] tops and have actually installed a couple more since the first one that you worked with us on. The tops are easy to install and adjust in minutes. And in my opinion you get a more accurate setting to match existing grades. The added initial cost is minimal compared the time saved setting them. As far as safety enhancement, there is an advantage to having the built in adjustment bolts. The bolts support the tops which helps to eliminate smashed/ pinched fingers, no lifting with pry bars to place shims and no overhead safety hazards from machines and slings. The machine places it, unhooks and gets out of your way. I highly recommend your product."

Richard Harris

Drainage Crew Chief

Clark County Public Works

Washington State

Installs made
simple, fast, & accurate


Easy as turning a screw.


Built Tough!

RimRiser screws can safely lift thousands of pounds.


RimRiser products install ten times faster than traditional products.

Uses a standard 5/8" nut driver.


Adjustable and highly accurate.

Set the line, and you'll hit it, every time.

The Old Way

Traditionally, manholes are adjusted using pry bars and shims to meet finished grade.


• Utilizes imprecise & improvised shims

• Wastes valuable man-hours

• Inaccurate

• High risk of injury

The RimRiser Way

With RimRiser, it takes one person less than a minute to set a manhole.


• No shims needed

• Saves time and money

• Highly accurate

• Safe

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